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New updates have been released for the Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy AMIs (base install, desktop, and 64-bit base install) and the Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy AMIs (base install, desktop, and 64-bit base install). I have combined and moved some of the documentation to this central page:


These are the first Hardy AMIs built using the ec2ubuntu-build-ami script. (The previous releases were built by following the official upgrade path from Gutsy as it took me a while to track down a bug with thread-local storage in Hardy on EC2.)

The ec2ubuntu-build-ami script has also been enhanced to support command line options. I felt that the environment variable approach was starting to get unwieldy, though the script should be backwards compatible for the foreseeable future.

The build script also includes a couple patches from Vincent Desjardins to support user-specified AMI sizes and also to support running external scripts during the AMI build process. This allows for further customization without having to modify the build script itself and is one of the more frequently requested features. Thanks!

If either of these options don’t work for you, you can blame my later modifications which I didn’t test extensively.

Read the comments at the top of the script for usage instructions and let me know if things need to be made clearer with some external documentation:



Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron released


As you have probably heard by now, Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron has been officially released:


If you’d like to take it for a spin on EC2, brand new base install AMIs are available for small and large/xlarge instances as well as a desktop version using NX Free Edition.

The public AMI docs are in queue to be published and updated, but you can get the Hardy AMI IDs from the table at the top of this page:


I also posted a notice on the EC2 forum, so there may be some discussion there:



Ubuntu Desktop Images for EC2


The “desktop” images listed on http://alestic.com allow you to run a full Ubuntu desktop on an Amazon EC2 instance and access the desktop using NoMachine’s NX client from any Linux, Mac, or Windows computer.

WARNING! If you don’t absolutely need a desktop, please use one of the “server” AMIs instead. The desktop AMIs are many times larger and take many times longer to start up. The server AMIs are sleek, lean, and ready for service.

The ec2ubuntu-build-ami script has been enhanced and is now hosted on Google Code:


The build script has the following enhancements:

  • Updated patches for the latest version of the AMI tools (1.3-20041 20071010).

  • Switch from “uname -i” to “uname -m” to enable building on Ubuntu 64- bit (not tested).

  • Support for 32- and 64-bit AMIs for all Ubuntu releases from Dapper to Gutsy.

New Ubuntu base install AMIs have been released for the all versions listed on:


This includes the previous Feisty and Gutsy AMIs, but also adds Dapper and Edgy AMIs just because we can (no public AMI documents published yet).

Note: The S3 buckets for the new AMI manifests have changed from:

  • level22-ec2-images
  • level22-ec2-images-64


  • alestic
  • alestic-64

Let me know if you have any problems with the new build script or AMIs.

Ubuntu AMIs

Ubuntu AMIs for EC2: