Guest Post: Jennine Townsend on AWS Documentation

A guest post authored by Jennine Townsend, sysadmin extraordinaire, and perhaps the AWS Doc team’s biggest fan.

I’ve always believed in reading vendor documentation and now that AWS is by far my largest vendor I’m focussed on their documentation. It’s not enough to just read it, though, since AWS is constantly making changes and releasing features, so even the documentation that I’ve already read and think I know will be different tomorrow.

Putting together a list of my favorite or most-hated documentation would just result in a list of what I worked on last week, so instead I thought it would be more interesting to point out some “meta” documentation – docs about the docs, and docs about what I think of as the “meta” services, and a few pages that you’ve read – but they’ve changed since you last read them!

AWS meta documentation:

Documentation about AWS meta services:

IAM and STS:


Five of the seven links on the CloudFormation Template Reference page were orange (visited recently) for me just now, but these in particular are always open in a tab while I’m writing CloudFormation:

Information from the AWS General Reference: