About Alestic.com

Alestic.com is a technical blog published by Eric Hammond. It covers personal experience with and thoughts about Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Unless specified, sample commands in this blog are generally tested on the latest LTS (Long Term Support) release of Ubuntu. Instructions may work on other Linux distros like Amazon Linux, Debian, or CentOS, but may also need some adaptation.

Please pay attention to the article publication dates. The information in the posts was deemed to be accurate as of that date, but Amazon moves fast and things written long ago may not entirely fit the current state of the services.


Eric holds AMZN shares, and would be shocked if anything he writes or says could have an impact on the value thereof.

Eric Hammond has been recognized by Amazon as an AWS Hero, which includes some perks, but the thoughts and opinions in this blog do not reflect Amazon’s official positions, nor does Amazon provide specific direction in what is published here.