New releases of Ubuntu AMIs for Amazon EC2 2008-09-22

New updates have been released for all* of the Ubuntu and Debian AMIs listed on:

The primary enhancements in this release are:

  • A defect has been corrected in a boot script so that the ssh host keys are only re-generated on the first boot of an instance. They were being re-generated on reboot, but nobody seemed to notice.

  • There have been enough bugs reported in Amazon’s old 2.6.16 kernel that I have upgraded the Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper AMI to Amazon’s 2.6.21 kernel. This means that all of the Ubuntu and Debian AMIs now run Amazon’s 2.6.21 kernel by default (though you can select another at runtime). Please let me know if you run this and experience problems.

  • Since we have at least one company using the Hardy 64-bit desktop AMI, I’ve updated it and added it to the list on

  • Hans Omli found a way to add libc6-xen on Hardy and Intrepid without causing problems (by removing libc6-i686). These releases now include libc6-xen which according to some may give a performance boost in some types of applications.

  • I have been working with the good folks at RightScale to build Ubuntu AMIs which integrate with the RightScale service (server templates, startup scripts, runtime scripts, automatic EBS volume attachments, one button rebundling, and more). I’ve been using it a bit and think that the basic functionality is stable enough to release an early version now listed on Please let me know if you experience problems. There is still some work to be done including in the performance monitoring integration.

If you haven’t been following the ec2ubuntu group, some progress has been made recently on getting the ec2ubuntu-build-ami script to run better on Ubuntu and on non-EC2 systems. Thanks to the community members who have contributed to this including yourabi and Terry Jones.

I don’t have the resources right now to test all two dozen public AMIs. Please take care when trying out AMIs which have just been built and please report any problems you run into.

If you are interested in helping to build an automated QA framework, please drop me a line.


  • Please note that the Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy release is marked as obsolete and is no longer being maintained or updated. This release has passed its end of life and attempts to build new AMIs fail because debootstrap can no longer find a repository for Ubuntu Edgy.