New releases of Ubuntu AMIs for Amazon EC2 2008-08-04

New updates have been released for all of the Ubuntu and Debian AMIs listed on:

The primary enhancements in this release are:

  • Build using latest debootstrap v1.0.10

  • Output new ssh host key fingerprints to console log for security.

  • Use newly built kernel modules where fuse supports NFS export.

  • All Ubuntu packages upgraded to latest versions

How to get the ssh host key fingerprint from the console output and compare it when using ssh to connect to the instance is described in the “Connecting to your instance” section of the EC2 Getting Started Guide:

This is not necessary, but does add a bit of extra security if you are worried about folks intercepting and modifying your ssh connections to EC2 instances.

The NFS support in fuse should let you share an S3-based fuse file system (like PersistentFS) with other hosts over NFS.