New releases of Ubuntu AMIs for Amazon EC2 2009-02-16 (EC2 mirrors)

New updates have been released for all* of the Ubuntu and Debian AMIs listed on:

The primary enhancements in this release are:

  • Ubuntu Hardy and Intrepid have new apt sources.list pointing to the local EC2 mirrors provided by RightScale. Please let me know if you have any problems with updates.

  • Debian “lenny” has been released as the new “stable”. Debian “squeeze” is the new “testing”, so the latest Debian mapping is as follows:

    squeeze - “testing” lenny - “stable” etch - “oldstable”

As always, “sid” is “unstable” and I can’t imagine why you would want to run this on EC2 unless you’re a Debian developer in which case you should probably built your own AMIs.

When I run “squeeze” it thinks that it is “lenny” (lsb_release -a). I assume that this is because it has just been branched from lenny but it’s possible that I didn’t build it correctly. Let me know if you have further information on this.


  • The Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy and 7.04 Feisty AMIs are obsolete, unsupported, and are not updated.

  • The AMIs are in the process of being copied to eu-west-1 (Europe). Documentation will be updated soon.