New releases of Ubuntu AMIs for Amazon EC2 2009-04-23 (Jaunty released)

As you may have heard, Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty has been officially released by Ubuntu today, right on schedule:

Matching updates have been released for the Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty AMIs listed on:

Please note that we are still defaulting to Amazon’s 2.6.21fc8 kernel which is getting older and older for each new release of Ubuntu. Please do let the group know if you find incompatibilities with Ubuntu Jaunty other than the known problem that AppArmor is not enabled.

You might be able to run the 9.04 Jaunty image with the official Ubuntu 2.6.27 kernel (for Intrepid) which is currently in release candidate state from Canonical.

For what it’s worth, I still run Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Hardy on Amazon EC2 personally and for my company.