New Releases of Ubuntu and Debian Images for Amazon EC2 (Tools, Security)

New updates have been released for the Ubuntu and Debian AMIs (EC2 images) published on:

The following notes apply to this release:

  • The EC2 AMI tools have been upgraded to version 1.3-34544. Note that an “apt-get upgrade” will downgrade the EC2 AMI tools because the versions of the ec2-ami-tools package currently in the Ubuntu Hardy, Intrepid, Jaunty archives are outdated. If you have an easy solution to this, please let us know.

  • The ssh host key regeneration has been moved to run after the RNG is seeded. This improves security, especially for folks who are verifying the ssh host key on the first connect by comparing the fingerprint to the value in the instance console output. Thanks to Andrew Becherer for suggesting this improvement.

  • The Ubuntu Karmic Alpha images were not updated. Due to a new kernel requirement, Karmic will no longer run on Amazon’s 2.6.21 kernel. Once Canonical releases an Ubuntu kernel with the appropriate features, the Karmic series may be resumed. Running “apt-get upgrade” on an existing Karmic AMI will cause it to be inaccessible after rebooting.

  • The Debian Etch desktop images were not updated because apparently LaTeX refuses to build a format from a source file which is more than five years old. If there is anybody who wants Etch desktops and is willing to investigate, please contact me, otherwise I plan to discontinue support for this series. If you’re using Debian, I’d encourage you to upgrade to Lenny “stable” anyway.

Please give these new images a spin and let us know if you run into any problems.