New Releases of Ubuntu and Debian Images for Amazon EC2 (Kernel, Security, PPA, runurl, Tools)

New updates have been released for the Ubuntu and Debian AMIs (EC2 images) published on:

The following notes apply to this release:

  • The images have been upgraded to use the newest 2.6.21 kernel, ramdisk, and kernel modules from Amazon. This fixes a serious security hole in the previous 2.6.21 kernel.

  • The Alestic PPA (personal package archive) has been added to the Ubuntu AMIs. This makes it easy to install software packages listed in this PPA, including ec2-consistent-snapshot.

  • The runurl package from the Alestic PPA has been pre-installed on the Ubuntu AMIs. This can be a handy tool for setting up new instances with user-data scripts.

  • The EC2 AMI tools have been upgraded to version 1.3-34544.

  • The ec2-ami-tools package version has been pinned so it does not get downgraded if the official Ubuntu archives still have older versions.

  • All packages have been upgraded to their respective latest versions.

  • The Ubuntu Karmic images were not updated and have been removed from the listings at the top of If you would like to use Ubuntu Karmic Beta, please test with the AMIs published by Canonical listed a bit lower down on the page.

Please give these new images a spin and let us know if you run into any problems.