Ubuntu Developer Summit - EC2 Lucid

For the last year I have been working with Canonical and the Ubuntu server team, helping to migrate over to a more official process what I’ve been doing for the community in supporting Ubuntu on EC2. The Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic EC2 images are a fantastic result of this team’s work: An Ubuntu image running on real Ubuntu kernels with official support available.

For the next two days (Nov 14-15) I will be participating in the Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) in Dallas, Texas. Developers from around the world will be gathering this week to scope and define the next version of Ubuntu which will be released in April 2010.

As part of this, I think it would be helpful to gather input from the community. Please use the comment section of this article to share what you would like to see happen with the direction of Ubuntu on EC2 in the coming release(s).

Are there any features which you find missing? Functionality which would be helpful? Problems which keep getting in your way?

Feel free to brainstorm and toss out ideas big and small, even if they are not completely thought through or if they would also take help from Amazon to complete. It may already be too late to start off some of the proposals for the Lucid release cycle, but having ideas to think about for future releases never hurts.