Listing Recent Prices for EC2 Spot Instances

The new spot instances on EC2 are a great way to get some extra compute power at a price you can live with, especially if you are flexible on exactly when the instances run. On the other hand maybe you won’t get the compute power if the spot instance price never drops to the max price you are willing to pay.

The best way to approach auction type situations like this is often to simply list the maximum price you can afford. Your instance(s) will get run if and when the spot instance price reaches that price and you will regularly get charged less depending on what other users are bidding for their instances.

Though I don’t recommend trying to chase the spot instance price around, it is natural to be curious about what others have been paying and whether or not you might have a chance to get in with your bid.

The ec2-describe-spot-price-history command lists the historical values of the spot instance price for all sizes and types of instances. This is useful for studying fluctuations over time, but sometimes you’ll just want to know what the latest spot instance price is, even though this is not necessarily the price you would get charged if you opened new spot instance requests.

The following command shows the most recent spot instance price for each size of the Linux instances:

ec2-describe-spot-price-history -d Linux/UNIX |
  sort -rk3 |
  perl -ane 'print "$F[1]\t$F[3]\n" unless $seen{$F[3]}++' |
  sort -n

To check the spot price in a different region, simply add an option like

--region us-west-1


--region eu-west-1

As of the writing of this article, the prices returned for the us-east-1 region are as follows:

0.026   m1.small
0.05    c1.medium
0.11    m1.large
0.25    c1.xlarge
0.265   m1.xlarge
0.443   m2.2xlarge
0.997   m2.4xlarge

The exact spot instance prices will vary significantly from these samples over time and likely even during the course of a day. In fact, the spot instance price may occasionally exceed the on demand (standard) EC2 instance price.

Who’s going to be the first person to provide handy, real time, spot price history graphs by EC2 region, instance class (Linux/Windows), and instance type with correct X-axis date/time scaling?

Good luck bidding!