SCALE 8x Talk Notes: EC2 Beginners Workshop

At SCALE 8x (Southern California Linux Expo, Feb 2010) I did a walkthrough demonstrating how to use the AWS console to run, connect to, and terminate your first Ubuntu server on Amazon EC2.

Though they do not include my talking points or the Q&A discussion during and following the session, you can download my slides and workshop handout:


  • These slides were not created for use outside of the workshop, so they are not complete in themselves. I am making them available for the workshop participants who may wish to refer to them to refresh their memory on what was discussed.

  • The instructions talk about removing the private ssh key at the end. This would not be done in a normal secure environment.

  • This demo used a temporary Ubuntu AMI which had wikimedia installed. This AMI is not designed for use in production systems as it includes a known wikimedia admin password.

  • This AMI is subject to being deleted at any time without notice. Did I mention you should not use it in a production system?