Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Released for Amazon EC2

Does anybody really need me to tell them that you can now run a copy of the newly released Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick on Amazon EC2 with official AMIs published by Canonical?

Or, by now, perhaps you have come to expect–like I have–that the smoothly oiled machine will naturally pump out Ubuntu AMIs for EC2 on the same pre-scheduled date that the larger Ubuntu machine churns out yet another smooth launch of yet another clean Ubuntu release.

The bigger question, I guess, might be:

Should I upgrade to Ubuntu 10.10 on EC2?

The first release after an LTS (Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid) is always tough choice for me.

If I’m on a desktop, I like to upgrade to the latest a month or so after each semi-annual release. However, upgrading servers every six months tends to get tiresome, so I generally stick with the LTS until a newer release contains a software version that I need to use, or until the next LTS comes out two years later.

There have been a few minor problems with Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid on EC2, but the important ones for me have either been fixed with the release of updated AMIs or have simple workarounds. Other than that, I am pleased with Lucid on EC2 and don’t see an urgent need to upgrade beyond this LTS just yet.

I’d love to hear what you think.