Canonical Releases Ubuntu 11.04 Natty for Amazon EC2

As steady as clockwork, Ubuntu 11.04 Natty is released on the day scheduled at least eleven months ago; and thanks to Canonical, tested AMIs for Natty are already published for use on Amazon EC2.

The Ubuntu AMI table at the top of always reflects the latest official Ubuntu AMIs from Canonical and now includes Ubuntu 11.04 Natty.

Click on the EC2 region tab (e.g., us-west-1) to see the list of AMI ids. AMIs are listed for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures (depending on what instance type you want to run) and for both EBS boot and instance-store. I strongly recommend EBS boot unless you have a specific situation that requires instance-store and you really know what you’re doing. EBS boot has many advantages over instance-store that you may not be aware of until after you need them.

As part of this release, I have added launch buttons to the right of each AMI id on If you click on one of these buttons you will be taken to the AWS console and dropped directly into the process of launching an EC2 instance of that AMI. Thanks to Scott Moser for pointing out that AWS had implemented support for this cool feature–and for building the Ubuntu AMIs themselves :-)

I’ve been running Ubuntu Natty on my laptop for a couple weeks with good success and look forward to trying out this latest release of Ubuntu on EC2 as well.