Using for Amazon EC2 Q&A

The Amazon EC2 Forum has been around since the beginning of EC2 and has always been a place where you can get your EC2 questions in front of an audience of experts and Amazon employees.

Though I’m still listed as one of the top posters (scored by questioners marking my answers as helpful) I’ve slowed down my activity on that forum due to the sheer volume of support requests, many of which are commonly asked questions or things that only Amazon can help with.

I’ve started answering Amazon EC2 related questions on Stack Exchange sites like Server Fault, a place where system administrators can get questions answered by experts. Here’s my profile on serverfault which linkes to answers I’ve posted. Click “newest” to see the most recent.

If you use an RSS reader, you can follow a feed for all questions tagged amazon-ec2:


You can even follow all new answers posted by an individual like, say, that Eric Hammond fellow: