There are a number of CloudCamp events coming up in cities around the world. These are free events, organized around the various concepts, technologies, and services that fall under the “cloud” term.

There’s always some discussion about my favorite topic, Amazon AWS and EC2, but there are sure to be experts and beginners for every other cloud-related flavor as well. You can attend presentations, join in discussions, or hang out in the hallway and make connections with local folks who are interested in the same things you are.

CloudCamp follows somewhat of an unconference format, though the couple I’ve been to in LA tended to have more pre-planned elements than, say, a BarCamp. Glancing through the schedules, it looks like each city also has their own twist and personality for CloudCamp.

Here are two upcoming CloudCamps that are of particular interest to me:

  • CloudCamp Los Angeles - I plan to attend this short event to hang out with old friends and make some new acquaintances. (Do we really need 12 organizers for 3 hours?)

  • CloudCamp Rochester - A full day event with some big clouderati names in attendance including Jeff Barr, Mitch Garnaat, David Kavanagh, Chris Moyer.

If you have a business related to “cloud” (and who doesn’t these days) why not pitch in with a little support as a sponsor? These are small events, so it doesn’t take much to help out. Plus you get your brand in front of your target market.

I went ahead and tossed in a bit personally to sponsor CloudCamp Rochester as they make it easy to contribute and know what you’re getting in return. I couldn’t find any sponsorship information for CloudCamp LA, but am still looking if anybody knows how that works.