Ubuntu Developer Summit, May 2012 (Oakland)

I will be attending the Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) next week in Oakland, CA.  This event brings people from around the world together in one place every six months to discuss and plan for the next release of Ubuntu.  The May 2012 UDS is for Ubuntu-Q which will eventually be named and become Ubuntu 12.10 when it is released in October (2012-10).

I’ve attended two UDS in person prior to this, one held at Google (Mountain View) for Ubuntu Jaunty (9.04) and one in Dallas for Ubuntu Lucid (10.04). UDS wanders around the world to mix it up and get input from a wide variety of contributors. I’m not a fan of flying long distances, so I tend to wait until UDS comes to within a couple hours of my home in Los Angeles.

My primary involvement at UDS is to contribute my perspectives to the plans for Ubuntu as it relates to running on Amazon EC2 and interacting with other features of AWS, though I also have interest in general Ubuntu server functionality.  I’ve been running Ubuntu on servers since 2005, and Ubuntu servers on EC2 since 2007.

I am grateful to Canonical for sponsoring my trip to and stay at UDS as they do for many community members.  I continue to be impressed by how Ubuntu is developed in such an open fashion with Canonical’s support.

All community members interested in learning about how Ubuntu is developed and/or interested in helping give input to the future of Ubuntu are welcome to participate in UDS. You can either attend in person as I will be, or you can participate online.  Be sure to register (free) at the UDS site.

Taking a full week off for UDS is a little much for me, so I’ll be attending three full days (Wed-Fri). Will I see you there or online? What feedback and suggestions would you have for running Ubuntu on EC2?