Guest Post: AWS Workshop Links for AWS re:Invent 2019 (and more), by Jennine Townsend

A collection of AWS workshop links built by Jennine Townsend, expert sysadmin and cloud intelligence analyst

Caution: This is not an official list of AWS workshops. It is not possible to verify that some of these links are controlled and maintained by Amazon. You should examine the source of the instructions and code to decide if you trust the source and want to run what the guide is suggesting you try. Use new, AWS dedicated accounts to run workshops and labs instead of running them in accounts with existing valuable resources.

Most of these AWS workshops seem to be from – or updated for – AWS re:Invent 2019:

Other Recently-Updated AWS Workshops

Other aws-samples repos that have been updated since November 1st and match “workshop” in a GitHub search:

Older AWS Workshops

GitHub repositories that have been updated since the beginning of 2018 that might be workshops:

If you are aware of additions or corrections, please submit in the comments.

[Update 2019-12-09: Added 12 more entries.]

[Update 2019-12-10: Added 40 more entries.]